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Diving into Employee Transportation? We're Here to Help.

CommuteWISE offers free planning services to help employers identify and promote commute options. Our team can help your organization develop an employee transportation program that saves your business money while improving employee satisfaction and retention.

Employer Consultations

Meet with the CommuteWISE team and learn about our employer services. Our knowledge of workforce transportation best practices can help you decide the best course of action for your workplace. 

Commuter Planning Tools

Leverage CommuteWISE Connect's exclusive workplace ridematching feature, which allows registered employees to search for a carpool among their co-workers. Contact us to set up your network.

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Marketing & Technical Support

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As you decide on the direction of your employee transportation program, CommuteWISE resources can help you develop policies, survey workers, and build your program. Once you’re off the ground, tap us to drum up interest among employees with marketing support or workshops.

Workforce Mobility Resources

The CommuteWISE Team works to connect employers with transportation options for their employees, expanding the available labor pool for employers. Our goal is to increase residents’ access to jobs and businesses’ access to workers by coordinating workforce transportation efforts regionally and supporting the implementation of innovative solutions. Contact our team to start a conversation.


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Attract and Retain Employees

Whether your workforce is challenged by unreliable transportation or is looking for sustainable commute alternatives, offering a commuter benefit can advance your company’s recruitment and retention efforts.

Employer Commute Guide

Get the Scoop on Commuting

This guide has the basics on all the commute options you're wondering about - transit, carpool, vanpool, biking, walking, ride-hailing, shuttles, and alternative work arrangements. Learn key benefits of each option, find ideas to integrate it into your company, and see how CommuteWISE can help support each travel option. 

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On-Demand Microtransit

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FlexRide Milwaukee is a convenient and affordable microtransit solution that uses technology to close Milwaukee's first- and last-mile transit gaps. The current service area connects Milwaukee neighborhoods with businesses in the Menomonee Falls/Butler area. Learn how it works and view a map of the service area by clicking the button below.

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