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Commute Smarter

CommuteWISE is an information hub for commuters in Southeastern Wisconsin. Explore the transportation options below to find a way to work that fits your needs and achieves your goals for a sustainable commute.

CommuteWISE Connect

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CommuteWISE Connect is a community mobility tool that uses innovative technology to plan and track sustainable trips.

Compare transportation modes for your commute and find others to carpool or bike together. Log your trips to track your environmental impact. Participate in regional sustainable commute challenges. Connect today to start exploring!

Trip Planning Assistance

CommuteWISE wants to help you understand all your transportation options so you can pick the most convenient and comfortable mode for your specific needs. We can help connect you with local resources and share information to help you understand your options. Fill out our Contact form to request resources.

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Improve your health and well-being

Taking transit, sharing a ride, biking, or walking are excellent commute alternatives that reduce stress and inactivity associated with solo commuting.

Commute Tracker App

Set up automated trip detection using CommuteWISE Connect's Commute Tracker app. After a simple set up, your commutes will automatically log as the app then runs in the background. Commute Tracker is programmed to instantly recognize multiple modes of commuting, including walking, cycling and driving.

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